Viravis Platform services will be terminated on February 28, 2019.

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Database Software as a Service

Viravis Platform Overview

Viravis empowers software developers, IT professionals and tech-savvy business people to develop software for common business problems by combining the benefits of zero infrastructure and all-in-one environment that lets you quickly create and use a nearly limitless variety of online database applications.

Its Like Your Own IT Department

Build your softwares like a professional without code and then deploy them to your end-users immediately. Here's a quick breakdown on how our "stack" can make you look like a IT professional. Keep in mind that you won't actually need to worry about any of these components yourself, we just thought you might like to know what's under the hood.

  • Your Database Software

    Build applications from scratch or start with a template from application gallery. You control permissions and can administer applications from anywhere, at any time.

  • Visual Authoring

    Our do-it-yourself visual authoring environment offers unparalleled capabilities for building custom forms, tab-based UI, filters, views, and more. Just Think it, and Build it.

  • Report Design

    Viravis incorporates a report designer to allow you to create powerful visual rich reports that come alive with your data. Viravis gives you unrivaled capability in a visual drag-and-drop report design environment. Created reports can be used by both windows and web client.

  • Integration Layer

    Enable two-way data integration with Viravis applications using our .Net SDK. You can also share data between any other applications on the Viravis system. Last, but not least, you can embed Viravis applications in any web-page using integration capabilities.

  • Online Database

    Viravis is built upon a world-class Database provided via a technology partnership with Microsoft SQL Server 2008. What this means for you is rock-solid performance and scalability. It also means you can create sophisticated database applications quickly and effectively.

  • Secure Hosting Infrastructure

    Of course, up-time is of the utmost importance so Viravis has partnered with to offer our customers access to the world's most advanced hosting platform. Called Amazon EC2 (for Elastic Compute Cloud) it offers unparalleled capabilities, the same as those used to host amazon's vast online businesses.

Viravis takes the worry out of building, maintaining and hosting your web-based applications so you can concentrate on the important stuff. So whether you are a small business with little, or no IT support, or a big business with lots of IT, but lots of competition for their time, our platform is always there for you.